Interview — Kevin Parker (Tame Impala), April 2013 ::

Swimming with Elephants

There is nothing left for Tame Impala to achieve beyond consolidating their success. They are a critical and commercial commodity, nationally and internationally renowned. This month (April, 2013) they are playing Coachella and Groovin’ the Moo both, not to mention another in a string of sold out east coast tours. Where their debut album, Innerspeaker, pricked a million ears, their sophomore, Lonerism, has put them squarely in the path of astronomical success. In the face of this plight, Kevin Parker, the group’s musical godhead, remains lackadaisical and unflapped.

‘I think these are the only times I think about [Tame Impala’s success]: when people ask me about it,’ said Parker. ‘I don’t really even know how much press there is about us, exactly what people are saying, because no one talks to me about Tame Impala… I never hear it, other than what our manager tells us, and even…

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Spice of the Week: Earth Lodge

earthlodgeChicago is home to thousands of venues, bars, nightclubs, and other prime destinations for catching live music. Students at DePaul University are fortunate enough to have access to many of these locations, particularly budding musicians searching for their big break.

I sat down with Earth Lodge which is a 4-piece rock band comprised of DePaul University students George Sobolevskiy, Sam Pepper, Aaron Russo, and Matt DiCarlo to talk about what its like to balance their education with creativity. The entire album was recorded in Sobolevskiy’s apartment.

You can watch the interview here.